Professional Engineering / Land Survey Services

We are experts in roadway design and construction, grading, and hydrology / hydraulics. With in-house survey crews, we can provide real time service when minutes count.

Environmental – Storm Water Remediation

Certified QSP and QSD on staff for SWPPP and WQMP preparation and implementation with in-house consulting biological services. We are also certified by the South Coast Air Quality Management District for Inland as well as Coachella Valley for fugitive dust control

(Certification Numbers:  SC10-07-4453 CV10-07-6227 )

Construction Scheduling

Our staff has provided critical path scheduling instruction to government agencies for SureTrak and P6.  We provide schedule development, analyzation, time impact analysis, and measured mile production gauging.

Claims Analysis

  • Construction Delays
  • Inefficiency Claims
  • Right of Way Delay
  • Change of Character
  • Standard Specification Interpretation

Utility Coordination

As a support firm for design build projects, we provide utility conflict analysis for design staff to keep the project on-time and on schedule.

Labor Compliance

  • Payroll Analysis
  • Director of Industrial Relations (DIR)
  • Division of Apprenticeship Standards (DAS)
  • Prevailing Wages
  • Fringe Benefits
  • Restitution Cases
  • Union Agreements
  • Center for Contract Compliance
  • Employee Interviews
  • Source Document Reviews
  • Labor Law
  • Labor Cases
  • Construction Meetings
  • Resource to Contractors